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Partway Group Plc

On 7th December 2023, the Company changed its name from Parity Group plc to Partway Group plc. Some of the content published prior to 7th December 2023 continues to refer to Parity Group plc/Parity.

Following the disposal of its trading assets, the Company’s name has changed to Partway Group Plc.

The Company’s strategy is to acquire one or more companies and/or projects which are either cash flow generative or show significant potential for growth and a profitable exit.

Leveraging their knowledge and contacts, the Directors will seek to identify suitable investment and/or acquisition opportunities. 

At this stage, the Directors would not seek to exclude any particular sector or jurisdiction.

In selecting suitable investment and/or acquisition opportunities, the Directors will consider various factors relevant to an opportunity, including the:

•    ease with which capital can be raised to meet the working capital requirements both initially and in the future;

•    growth potential and outlook for future cash generation;

•    likely resulting liquidity in the Company’s shares following acquisition(s);

•    short, medium and longer-term exit strategies for Shareholders;

•    possible synergies with knowledge and contacts of the Directors; and

•    suitability for a public listing, either on AIM or another recognised market in the UK.